مهاجرت به کانادا - سوالات متداول

اقامت دائم کانادا چیست؟

When people apply for immigration to Canada, they are in fact applying for a permanent residence visa. Permanent residence is a status that allows an immigrant to legally reside and earn a living anywhere in Canada. A permanent Residence Visa is a document which allows a person to live and work anywhere in Canada. It comes with certain responsibilities and can be revoked if the holder is out of the country for too long, or is guilty of some criminal activity. A person who is a Canadian permanent resident may apply for Canadian Citizenship after 3 years.

روشهای اقامت دائم کانادا کدامند؟

There are four main categories for permanent residence that can be summarized as follows:

  • Skilled Workers/ Professionals : Skilled Workers and Professionals are assessed upon a series of factors, i.e. a point system, which is designed to indicate the likelihood of becoming economically established in Canada.
  • Business Immigrants :Investors, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Persons are, in a general sense, selected based upon their abilities to make a contribution to economy of Canada and support the development of a strong and prosperous economy in Canada.
  • Family Class : In certain circumstances, Canadian citizens and permanent residents are entitled to sponsor their close relatives from abroad.
  • Canadian Experience Class : Temporary foreign workers or foreign students who graduated in Canada, often have the qualities to make a successful transition from temporary to permanent residence.
A foreign individual who wishes to settle in Montreal or another city in the Province of Quebec must apply for a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ) prior to submission of his/her application for permanent residence. Other Canada's province's and territories have their own immigration programs called Provincial Nominee Program. To apply under the Provincial Nominee Program, applicants must be nominated by a Canadian province or territory.

درخواست خود را برای اقامت دائم به کجا باید ارسال کنم؟

Applicants will be required to submit applications for permanent resident status to the visa office responsible for the jurisdiction in which they have been lawfully admitted. For those residing outside of their home country, this would include the home country in addition to the country of residence as long as they had been lawfully admitted for a period of at least one year. Each visa office specializes in the examination of documents from its region.

Even if there is no Canadian visa office located in your country of residence, nonetheless your area is the responsibility of a particular Canadian visa office. For example, the Canadian visa office in Damascus, Syria, is not only responsible for applications from Syria, but is also responsible for applications from other countries such as Iran and many other countries.

Applicants under the Business Immigration Program must submit their applications to one of nine designated Visa Offices, which specialize in the evaluation of these files.

If your destination is the Province of Quebec, you must submit an application for a Canadian Immigrant Visa and an application for a Quebec Certificate of Selection to a Quebec Delegation in your region. This procedure is required because Quebec has exclusive jurisdiction to select immigrants who intend to reside in that Province.

آیا میتوانم درخواست خود را به اداره مهاجرتی که مسئول منطقه تابعیت یا محل زندگی من نیست ارسال کنم؟

As of May 1, 2003, applicants are required to submit applications to the visa office responsible for the jurisdiction of their permanent residence, or the region to which they had been legally admitted for a period of at least 1 year.

چه افرادی میتوانند به عنوان همراه در پرونده من برای اقامت دائم باشند؟

Your spouse and any dependent children may be included in the application. Children must be under the age of 22 years. If they are 22 and older, they must not have had an interruption of more than 6 months in their schooling. Your accompanying dependents will be subject to medical and security clearance requirements. Other family members, such as your parents, generally cannot be included in the application but you may be able to sponsor them as part of the family class after you land in Canada.

Applicant (including dependent children) must meet requirements not only at the time of application but also at the time approval decision is being made.

چه مدارکی را باید همراه درخواست خود برای اقامت دائم ارسال کنم؟

Depending on the category your are applying, supporting documents usually include evidence of language proficiency, employment, business activities, education, assets, civil status, police clearance, etc. Each visa office has specific requirements regarding the submission of supporting documentation and the required documentation differs from category to category. It is advisable to seek expert guidance or instructions from your visa office regarding the submission of supporting documentation.

مدارک خود را در چه زمانی باید ارسال کنم؟

Usually, all supporting documents must be submitted at the same time as your completed application forms . The application is first checked for completeness at the visa office and incomplete files may even be returned without acknowledging receipt. Some categories have simplified application process where documents will be requested later.

مدارک خود را به چه زبانی باید تهیه کنم؟

All supporting documentation in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by an English or French translation, as translated by a certified translator.

آز کجا بدانم که برای اقامت دائم واجد شرایط هستم؟

For Skilled Worker applicants we recommend that you complete and submit an online assessment of your eligibility for immigration which we will evaluate at no charge.

For further details on the selection requirements for each of the above categories, please consult the following pages: skilled workers, business class, family class sponsorship or Canadian experience class.

You can always contact us for assessment of your qualification or any question you may have.

آیا روشهای خاصی برای مهاجرت به استانهای مختلف کانادا وجود دارد؟

The purpose of the nomination system is to satisfy the specific immigration requirements of the particular regions of Canada. The provinces with such selection systems called Provincial Nominee Program are looking for immigrants with certain specific skills. Certain provinces have been given the authority to select or nominate candidates for immigration destined to their respective provinces.

Quebec has exclusive authority to select candidates who intend to reside in that province. These applicants are subject to Quebec's selection criteria in addition to Federal medical and security clearance requirements. They must also pay an additional fee for processing by a Quebec Delegation. Applicants who qualify under the Federal selection requirements may not necessarily satisfy Quebec's selection requirements, and vice versa.

To a lesser degree certain provinces presently each have the authority to nominate immigration candidates for selection by Federal immigration authorities. Even without such nomination you may reside in those provinces by meeting Federal selection criteria.

آیا برای انجام درخواست اقامت دلئم در کانادا احتیاجی به استخدام وکیل یا مشاور دارم؟

It is not necessary to hire a consultant to assist you with your immigration application. However, should you wish to retain professional assistance, selecting an immigration authorized representative is an important decision. It is useful to hire a qualified immigration consultant, for three reasons. First, immigration is one of the most complicated areas of Canada law. Second, Canadian immigration law is changing all the time, and it is hard to keep up, even for many immigration consultants and lawyers. Third, an experienced authorized representative can help make sure that your application goes through the immigration bureaucracy smoothly and quickly.

به چه صورت میتوانم شرکت خدمات مهاجرتی آی تی سی را برای وکالت درخواست خود استخدام کنم؟

Please have your qualification assessed either by submitting the online assessment form or by consulting our offices. If you are found eligible under one of the categories for permanent residence, then you may enter into a contract with our firm.

هزینه های دولتی بررسی پرونده کدامند؟

All government processing fees must be submitted concurrently with the submission of the application for permanent residence. Under federal process of your application, there are two application fees you will have to pay when you apply to immigrate to Canada: Processing Fees and Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF).

The processing fees and must be paid for the principal applicant and any accompanying spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children.

Upon acceptance, applicants must pay the Right of Permanent Residence Fee (RPRF). The RPRF is payable by principal applicants and accompanying spouse or common-law partners and each accompanying dependants aged 22 or over. It must be paid before the immigrant visa is issued overseas or before the applicant becomes a permanent resident in Canada.

Applicants applying under Quebec programs must pay additional processing fees to the Quebec government. Similarly under provincial nominee programs, they may be separate application fee to be paid to the provincial government.

Fo a list of current application fees under Federal, Quebec and provincial programs, click here.

مصاجبه گزینش مهاجرت چیست؟

Skilled Worker applicants for permanent resident status may be required to attend a selection interview with an immigration officer. Such interviews are held to ensure the information in the application is accurate, to verify documentation, to help applicants relocate to Canada and in cases of Quebec and provincial programs to test language ability and intention to reside in the province.

Visa offices may grant certain candidates an interview waiver, depending on the qualifications of the applicant, the quality of the supporting documentation, and the overall credibility of the applicant. The likelihood of an interview waiver varies from one visa office to another. Interview waivers are granted at the sole discretion of the immigration officials.

For a sample of interview question for skilled worker applicants under Federal and Quebec programs as well as spousal family class, click here.

Please note that a more comprehensive guide and coaching will be provided to our clients upon being invited to a selection interview.

مصاحبه امنیتی چیست؟

In a small percentage of applications, an interview is held to evaluate security issues such as espionage, subversion or terrorism. These interviews are usually held after a selection interview, and may also be held in cases where a selection interview is waived.

برای آنکه بدون مصاحبه قبول شوم چه کاری میتوانم بکنم؟

Applications which are complete in every detail increase the chances of an interview waiver. However, interview waivers are granted at the discretion of the immigration officials. It is not possible to apply specifically for a waiver. Even if an interview is waived, you may still be called to an interview, generally for quality assurance purposes.

پروسه مهاجرت چقدر به طول می انجامد؟

The length of time it takes to process your application is dependent on various factors including the following:

  • the visa office responsible for processing your application;
  • the category of Canadian Immigration under which you apply;
  • quality of your application and how the application and supporting documents have been prepared;
  • whether or not you are required to attend a personal interview and
  • other factors that are not under your control

It is almost impossible to give an accurate estimate for how long it will take for you to receive your Canada Immigration Visa. In Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site you can find the application processing times (Based on past processing times) for Skilled Workers, Business Applicants, Provincial Nominees and Family Sponsorships. However, these published times are not current and are so vague as to be of little assistance. In addition, past processing times may not indicate the length of time it will take to finalize applications in the future.

Information you may find on various sources on the internet such as weblogs is even less trustworthy as there is no accountability for the messages posted on them. Don't accept the promises of anyone who tells you that there is a way to get your Canada Immigration Visa quicker for a fee; it is not true.

آیا میتوان پروسه مهاجرت را سرعت بخشید؟

There is no magic way to expedite the process. Beware of representatives who claim that you will receive a visa faster or benefit from special treatment from the Canadian government by using their services. No priority or special treatment is given to the file of an applicant who retains the services of an immigration intermediary.

You may be able to speed up the process by:

  • making sure all the necessary information is included with your application;
  • notifying the Visa Office of any changes to the information on your application;
  • avoiding unnecessary enquiries to the Visa Office;
  • making sure the photocopies and documents you provide are clear and readable;
  • providing certified English or French translations of documents, where indicated; and
  • applying from a country where you are a citizen or permanent resident.
Your application will be delayed if the Visa Office has to take extra steps to assess your case. Your application will take longer if:
  • there are criminal or security problems with your application;
  • your family situation is not clear because of a situation such as a divorce or adoption that is not yet complete or child custody issues that have not been resolved; or
  • the local Visa Office has to consult with other CIC offices in Canada or abroad.

آیا میتوانم همزمان برای اقامت دائم و ویزای موقت کانادا اقدام کنم؟

You can you have the intent to be both a visitor and an immigrant concurrently. Canada Immigration accepts that you can have such dual intent, but you have to satisfy the immigration officer that you are a genuine visitor and that you will comply with all visitor requirements.

Many people enter Canada while their immigration applications are under process or even while they have an intention to become an immigrant at some point in the future. You must satisfy the examining officer that you are entering for a temporary purpose but simply having an outstanding application in and of itself is not grounds to refuse you entry.

تفاوت اجازه کار با ویزای اقامت چیست؟

An Employment Authorization permits an eligible visitor to reside and work in Canada for a limited period of time, and restrictions are usually placed on the type of employment which can be pursued. It will not, by itself, lead to Canadian permanent resident status. By contrast, a Canadian Immigrant Visa entitles its holder to live and work anywhere in Canada, enjoy many of the privileges of Canadian Citizenship, apply for Canadian Citizenship after 3 years and sponsor family members for Canadian permanent resident status.

آیا به محض صدور مدارک اقامت، به عنوان مقیم دائم کانادا شناخته میشوم؟

No. You will only become a permanent resident when you cross a Canadian port-of-entry with your valid passport and your valid Canadian Immigrant Visa.

بعد از طدور ویزای اقامت چقدر فرصت دارم که به کانادا بیایم؟

You must arrive in Canada before the expiry date which appears on your Immigrant Visa. Usually, it is one year from the time medical examinations were completed. As this is not always the case, be sure to verify the expiry date as soon as you receive your Immigrant Visa.

آیا تاریخ اعتبار ویزای اقامت برای ورود اول به کانادا را میتوان تمدید کرد؟

As a general rule, the expiry date on your Canadian Immigrant Visa will not be extended. Failure to land in Canada before the expiry date may result in the necessity of re-application.

آیا حتما بایستی از منطقه ای در کانادا که در درخواست نامه به عنوان مقصد مشخص کرده ام وارد کانادا شوم؟

Generally, the holder of a Canadian Immigrant Visa may land at any port of entry in Canada without difficulty.

This is not the case, however, in the Province of Quebec, due to its exclusive right to select immigrants. If, in your application for permanent residence, you declared an intended destination in Canada outside Quebec, then landing in Quebec may be problematic. Likewise, you may be asked to land in Quebec if your intended destination in Canada had been indicated as Quebec.

If you are immigrating to Canada under one of the provincial programs, please note that the officers at ports of entry have become stricter on determining whether your intention is to reside in that specific province. If they find otherwise they may refuse your landing.

آیا باید آزمایشات پزشکی انجام دهم؟

All prospective immigrants to Canada are required to undergo medical examinations. These examinations are intended to detect any health conditions which may affect the health of the Canadian public, or which may result in excessive demands being placed upon the Canadian health care system.

The examination is given around the world by designated medical practitioners. Regardless of the visa office to which the application was submitted, the services of any such practitioner may be used.

Non-accompanying dependents are required to undergo medical examinations, as are accompanying dependents. If a non-accompanying dependent is unwilling to undergo a medical examination, it may be possible to have the individual exempted. However, such non-accompanying dependents will not be eligible for subsequent sponsorship as members of the Family Class.

To find a designated medical doctor in your area click here.

در صورتی که بیماری یا مشکل پزشکی خاصی داشته باشم، آیا درخواستم مردود میشود؟

Each medical case is analyzed individually, taking into account your full medical history. If the disease or disorder poses health risks to Canadians or places excessive demands on the Canadian health care system, it may result in medical inadmissibility.

آیا برای آزمایشات پزشکی میتوانم پزشک خود را انتخاب کنم؟

خیر. در اقصی نقاط جهان پزشکانی متعهد مشخص شده اند. فقط پزشکی می تواند شما را معاینه کند که مورد تأیید و انتخاب کنسولگری کانادا باشد. لطفاً جهت دسترسی به لیست اسامی پزشکان برگزینه در منطقه سکونت خویش به وب سایت CIC مراجعه فرمایید.

گواهی عدم سوء پیشینه چیست؟

گواهی عدم سوء پیشینه سندی است گواه بر اینکه شخص مزبور هیچ گونه پیشینه کیفری ندارد. متقاضیان بزرگسال باید از تمامی کشور هایی که از سن هجده سالگی به مدت شش ماه متوالی یا بیشتر در آن اقامت داشته اند، گواهی عدم سوء پیشینه اخذ کنند. در صورتی که پلیس کشوری خاص از صدور این برگه امتناع ورزد، ارائه گواهی کتبی از طرف پلیس این کشور مبنی بر تأیید خودداری آنها از صدور این گواهی مفید واقع خواهد شد.

گواهی عدم سوء پیشینه را باید به همراه فرم های تقاضا نامه، اسناد و مدارک تکمیل پرونده و وجوه رسیدگی به پرونده تحویل فرمایید. دفاتر صدور ویزا فقط نسخه اصلی گواهی عدم سوء پیشینه را پذیرفته و آن را فقط تا سه ماه پس از تاریخ صدور معتبر می دانند.

آیا گواهی عدم سوء پیشینه همان بررسی پیشینه امنیتی است؟

خیر. بررسی پیشینه امنیتی متقاضیانی را شناسایی می کند که در جاسوسی، خرابکاری یا تروریسم شرکت داشته و یا به هر دلیلی حضور آنها در کانادا خالی از خطر نیست. این بررسی جدا از گواهی عدم سوء پیشینه و چیزی اضافه بر آن است. بررسی پیشینه امنیتی افراد از طرف دولت کانادا و بدون حضور خود متقاصی صورت می گیرد.

آیا بایستی در کشور مبدا وضعیت اقامت قانونی داشته باشم؟

سیاست اقامتی کانادا توجهی به وضعیت اقامت خارجی متقاضی ندارد. اگرچه در برخی موارد که خود متقاضی به نقض آگاهانه قوانین قضایی کشوری خاص اعتراف کرده است، درخواست او به دلیل عدم اعتبار پیشینه کیفری رد شده است.

به فکر ازدواج هستم. آیا بهتر است قبل از اقدام برای مهاجرت این کار را بکنم یا پس از دریافت اقامت دائم؟

اگر مایلید همراه همسر خود وارد کانادا شوید باید قبل از تحویل مدارک یا طی مراحل دریافت اقامت ازدواج کرده باشید. اگر شما موفق به دریافت اقامت شوید، همسر شما نیز خود به خود مشمول این موقعیت خواهد بود.

اگر بدون ذکر نام همسر، درخواست اقامت خود را مطرح کرده باشید باید پس از اقامت همسر خود را اسپانسر کنید.

نکته مهم: در صورتی که مقامات مسئول اقامتی کانادا را از وضعیت تأهل خود مطلع نساخته و در حکم فردی مجرد وارد این کشور شوید، خلاف قانون عمل کرده اید. در این صورت پس از اقامت در کانادا اجازه تضمین ورود و اقامت همسر خود را از دست خواهید داد.

آیا پس از باز شدن پرونده میتوانم آن را به کشور دیگری برای ادامه بررسی انتقال دهم؟

طبق قوانین جاری کانادا، انتقال یک پرونده اقامتی اصلاً ساده نیست، برخی دفاتر صدور ویزا نیز هم اصلاً درخواست انتقال پرونده را نمی پذیرند، اما در صورتی که این کار تنها راه چاره شما است، شانس خود را امتحان کنید. اگرچه این درخواست باعث ایجاد تأخیری جدی در رسیدگی به پرونده شما خواهد شد.

مقامات مسئول رسیدگی به امور اقامت فقط در مواردی اجازه انتفال تقاضانامه ها را دارند که این امر باعث تسریع امر رسیدگی به پرونده گردد، در غیر این صورت دفاتر صدور ویزا اجازه رد این درخواست را دارند.

بعد از ورود به کانادا چه اتفاقی می افتد؟

هنگام ورود به کانادا باید گواهی تأیید اقامت دائم خود را به یک مقام رسیدگی به امور اقامت/مأمور گمرک مرز ورودی نشان دهید. این مقامات، ویزا و مدارک سفر شما را چک می کنند و به منظور تأیید سلامت روانی، اخلاقی و جسمی شما، سؤالاتی خواهند پرسید درست شبیه به سؤالات موجود در فرم درخواست اقامت. ممکن است از شما شواهدی بخواهند دال بر کافی بودن سرمایه و مایملک شما جهت اقامت در کانادا. در صورتی که در مرز ورود به این کشور مشکلی بروز نکند، مأمورین مربوطه برگه ورود شما را به کانادا در حکم اقامت دائم تأیید خواهند کرد.

از طرفی، این مأمورین از اطلاعات موجود در گواهی تأیید اقامت دائم شما استفاده خواهند کرد تا کارت اقامت دائم شما را از طریق پست سفارشی برای شما ارسال کنند.

در صورتی که با استفاده از یکی از برنامه های استانی یا برنامه کبک وارد کانادا شده باشید، این مأمورین باید هدف شما را از اقامت در استان مورد انتخابتان بدانند و آن را تأیید کنند.

چه مدارکی را هنگام ورود به کانادا باید همراه داشته باشم؟

متقاضیان باید گذرنامه معتبر و مدارک ورود به کانادا (گواهی تأیید اقامت دائم) را همراه داشته باشند. احتمال می رود که گواهی تأیید میزان سرمایه و مایملک شما را نیز از شما بخواهند. اسناد و گواهی های قانونی خود را نیز همراه داشته باشید، از جمله:

  • گواهی تولد
  • عقد نامه
  • گواهی نامه یا گواهی نامه بین المللی رانندگی
  • تعدادی رونوشت از لیست اسامی وسایلی که مایلید در آینده یا هنگام ورود به کانادا همراه داشته باشید (لیست کالاهایی که در آینده به همراه خواهید آورد). اگر این کالاها شماره مدل یا شماره سرایل دارند، این کدها را همراه داشته باشید.

وابستگان همراه (اعضا خانواده) من چه زمانی باید وارد کانادا شوند؟

وابستگان همراه نمی توانند قبل از ورود متقاضی اصلی وارد کانادا شوند، بلکه باید هم زمان با وی یا پس از ورود متقاضی اصلی وارد این کشور شوند که هر دو این موارد نیز فقط در صورتی امکان پذیر است که تاریخ ویزای اقامت آنها در کانادا به اتمام نرسیده باشد.

آیا پس از ورود میتوانم کانادا را ترک کنم؟

شما پس از ورود به کانادا می توانید حتی همان روز به مکانی خارج از کانادا سفر کنید، اگرچه اگر فرد مقیم شده مدتی طولانی خارج از کانادا به سر برد احتمالاً ویزای اقامت خود را از دست خواهد داد. در هر دوره پنج ساله شما اجازه دارید فقط سه سال را خارج از کانادا حضور داشته باشید.

چه زمانی می توانم شهروندی کانادا را بدست بیاورم؟

معمولاً پس از سه سال اقامت دائم در کانادا می توانید به یک شهروند کانادایی تبدیل شوید.

آیا اقامت دائم کانادا به من اجازه زندگی و کار در امریکا را میدهد؟

اقامت دائم در کانادا بر شروط اقامتی امریکا در تأیید صلاحیت شما برای استخدام رسمی، هیچ تأثیری ندارد. توافق نامه تجارت آزاد امریکای شمالی که در مورد شهروندان کانادایی نیز اعمال می شود، فقط در برخی موارد خاص استخدام شما را در امریکا تسهیل خواهد کرد.