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BC Education Quality AssuranceBC Education Quality Assurance

EQA is a quality assurance designation that identifies BC public and private post-secondary institutions that have met or exceeded provincial government recognized quality assurance standards and offer consumer protection.

The Imagine Education au/in Canada Brand The Imagine Education au/in Canada Brand

A joint initiative of the provinces and territories through the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) and Canada's federal Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT), the Imagine Education au/in Canada brand establishes Canada and its provinces and territories as a preferred world class destination for international students looking to pursue their education abroad.

The Imagine Education au/in Canada brand signals that its holder consistently provides high quality education programs, deals with international students in accordance with recognized codes of practice, and is subject to quality assurance mechanisms that monitor adherence to set standards.

National Occupational Classification (NOC)

The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is the nationally accepted reference on occupations in Canada. It organizes over 30,000 job titles into 520 occupational group descriptions. It is used daily by thousands of people to compile, analyze and communicate information about occupations, and to understand the jobs found throughout Canada's labour market.

Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ)

The Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) is a document issued by Quebec Immigration authorities (Immigration et Communautés culturelles) indicating that the person designated on the certificate has been selected to reside within the territory of the Province of Quebec. The CSQ is not a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa and cannot be utilized for entry into Canada.

Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)

International students whose study program in Québec lasts more than six months or Temporary Foreign Workers who wish to come and work in Quebec, must be authorized by the MICC. This authorization takes the form of a CAQ, which is issued for the level of education in question and for a set period or for the duration of an specific job. Some students including children are not required to obtain a CAQ.

Substituted Evaluation

Substituted Evaluation is an authority that may be used by immigration officer in assessing eligibility of a federal skilled worker applicant, if he/she believes the point total is not a sufficient indicator of whether or not the applicant may become economically established in Canada.

Substituted evaluation is to be considered on a case-by-case basis. The scope of what an officer might consider as relevant cannot be limited by a prescribed list of factors to be used in support of exercising substituted evaluation.